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Shaping the sound

Growing up with musical parents in West London music would reverberate throughout my childhood home.

From an early age I knew I wanted to exist in a world of sound and once I found the piano, I was hooked. I was able to fully express myself because of the instrument’s ability to create a number of textures and sounds all at my fingertips.

As well as playing Classical repertoire I also had a passion for Jazz and improvisation which helped lead me to experiment, explore and compose.

It wasn’t all “high-brow” though. I loved music with energy and drive and would mosh to punk, get down to funk, bop to hip-hop and dance to electronica.

Studying music at Goldsmith’s College I was able to enhance my exposure to different sound worlds, both acoustic and electronic. Little did I know that these would be the formative years of the Beezkat sound and philosophy.

I cut my teeth with a number of artists over the years whilst also composing for film, tv, gaming and theatre. I loved it and was living the dream, but I still had more to give.

Birth of the Kat

I had a lot of material of my own that didn’t really sit within any of the mediums I was working in. I then realised that these new sounds were my own compositions expressing me and I really wanted to get them documented and recorded and so…
Beezkat was born…

…heavy beats, melodic bass, rich synths and lyrical melodies; the Beezkat name being an onomatopoeic description of a drum kit’s snare and hi-hat and the influence that drum beats have on my compositional style and way of writing.

I set to work in the studio and produced my first solo studio album Seriously Swimwear closely followed by 10 Seasons with a number of artist collaborations.

Beezkat seated photoshoot (crop)

It finally came to a point where media were asking to define the Beekat concept, was it a solo artist, a producer, a collective?

Having been a performer as well as a composer for most of my life and still very much in love with performing and live music I knew that Beezkat had to be a band project. So I put together a crack squad of musicians with whom I could collaborate with to realise Beezkat live on stage. Introducing…

Finlay Crowther – Keyboards/synths
Keri Arindell – Vocals
Antoine Ollivier – Bass
Akinori Fujimoto – Drums


The Beezkat sound is essentially a mix of electronic music, disco, soul and synth pop. At it’s core is the philosophy that the music is played live – meaning strictly no backing tracks so that everything you hear on stage is played live by the musicians you’ve come to see 🙂

There were too many occasions when I went to see my favourite bands and artists live and left feeling a little cheated and disappointed that they had used backing tracks (i.e. pre-recorded material played through the soundsystem) for their live shows. I made a promise to myself that I would stay true to keeping music live when people have come to see a live show, it just makes for a better experience for everyone…

…And many gigs later it shows when we’re able to step on stage and make a deeper connection with audiences who dig what we’re doing because we’re actively feeling and earnestly communicating our music as we re-create it on stage. The audience are with us as we all share in a unique moment.

We love that you’re a part of the Beezkat journey and hope to continue sharing our music with you.

If you’d like to hear the most recent Beezkat milestone then click here to listen to our most recent EP Sonic Balloon

Thanks for listening and making it all worthwhile. We’ve only just beez-gun…

Fin x


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